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Making Progress

 The cilantro is very clearly growing to the light.

Too many seeds?

 This may be getting out of hand.

The Start of Cilantro

  The cilantro has begun to emerge!

Time for Thyme

  It's time for thyme (and oregano and sage). The thyme has sprung up nicely, also much faster than 21 days. Starting to think that maybe the word "germination"means something other than what I think it does. The oregano has also sprouted, though it is much sparser at this point, and additional sage plants are developing (which is good,as those were finiky last year - I don't think we even got as many as ar depicted here).

First Shoots of 2021

 First shoots of 2021! Apparently sage does not take 21 days to germinate. It turns out four days is enough to get started.